TMR Scout Museum

What's in the T.M.R. Scout Museum?

The Collection

An extensive collection of T.M.R. memorabilia on display includes photographs, patches, neckerchiefs, neckerchief slides, signs, banners, maps, literature and physical artifacts.

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     Rear Room 

Local History
Displays on the history of the Upper Delaware River Valley with a focus on the Ten Mile River Scout Camps property.   Physical artifacts found at  T.M.R. dating back to the 1720's, including coins, tools, nails, horseshoes and metal buttons.  The T.M.R. Rockshelter Exhibit contains artifacts from a Lenni Lenape encampment over 4,000 years old.


Chapel Window

The Camp Man Catholic Chapel Window is wonderful to see and a Museum highlight.


Bird Collection

A variety of stuffed birds are on display, including various types of owls and hawks, an ospry and a peregrine falcon.

Scout Uniforms

A variety of early Scout uniforms on mannequins.  Life-sized cut-outs of notable T.M.R. individuals.

The Library

Our Library covers the history of the Kanohwahkee Scout Camps, the Ten Mile River Scout Camps, New York City Scouting and the history of the Upper Delaware River Valley.  We have an extensive collection of camp and staff photographs, biographies, newspaper articles, other paper items and camp and local maps dating back to the 1820's.



Our DVD and VHS collections include narrated color slide shows, camp documentaries, home movies and interviews with former campers and staffers.  See our wide-screen TV.

Staff Photos

Over 370 T.M.R. staff photos on display and in the Library.


Donut Farm Exhibit

We have artifacts from the Donut Farm, including the Donut Machine, piano, deer head and ash tray.


Order of the Arrow

Memorabilia from organizations such as the Order of the Arrow that have been active at T.M.R.

. Order of the Arrow 

Aerial Photographs

Our large aerial photograph of T.M.R. includes landmarks, roads and trails.  We also have very detailed photographs of the operating camps.


Museum Recognition Plaques

Where we recognize individuals and organizations for their donations to the Museum through our Levels-Of-Giving program.

Special Exhibits

We have special and temporary exhibits, including the Bobby Bonvino, Harvey Gordon and William Keough Memorial Displays.


Museum Store

The Museum Store has a wide variety of Scouting memorabilia items for sale at rock-bottom prices, including including O.A. flaps and backpatches, C.S.P. s, neckerchiefs, Norman Rockwell plates and prints, Scouting posters, bolo ties, mugs, hats, camp patches and Scouting literature including a variety of Scouting Magazines and merit badge pamphlets. We also have National Jamboree and Philmont neckerchiefs for sale.

Picnic Area

Our large picnic area is suitable for large groups and outdoor programs.

Camp Kernochan Blockhouse & Camp Kunatah Flagpole

The Camp Kernochan Blockhouse has been restored and moved to the Picnic Area.  The Camp Kunatah flagpole has been moved to the Picnic Area.


Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame consists of a standing memorial to the Ten Mile River Scout Camps and personalized tiles on the external wall of the Museum.


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