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CC01-Rising of Sign on Ground.jpg
CC02-Rising of Sign mid-air.jpg
CC03-Rising of Sign - Sign up.jpg
CC04-9 Men Standing.jpg
CC05-12 Men.jpg
CC06-Picnic Day.jpg
CC07-Tractor & Men.jpg
CC08-Workers & Logs.jpg
CC09-Lunch Line.jpg
CC10-Cabin Front.jpg
CC11-Cabin Side.jpg
CC12-1 man, Front of Cabin.jpg
CC13-6 Men in Woods.jpg
CC14-Man With Snake.jpg
CC15-Camp Staff, TMR.jpg
CC16-Car Accident-Mess House in bkground.jpg
CC17-Headquarters in 19--x.jpg
CC19-Blacksmith Shop Detail, Wintertime.jpg.jpg