TMR Scout Museum Advises History Detectives "Shoot" at Alpine Scout Camp

On Feb. 7, 2008, the Museum provided historial advice and documents for the filming of a segement of the PBS program "History Detectives" at Alpine Scout Camp.

The show's producers received an e-mail from a 14-year-old Oregon teen who wanted to learn more about a 1933 program for a fund-raiser for the Boy Scout Foundation of Greater New York. The yellowed banner, which the girl found wrapped around a book in her school's drama room closet, listed the party's sponsor as socialite Cobina Wright. The event was held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.  Franklin D. Roosevelt was identified in the program as President of the Boy Scout Foundation.

PBS contacted the Greater New York Councils for details on the fundraiser.  GNYC passed their request to the Museum which provided PBS with extensive history and documentation on the following subjects:

1.  Newspaper articles on the Cobina Wright Society Circus.
2.  How profits from the fundraiser helped pay off the mortgage for part of T.M.R.
3.  FDR's role in the organization of the Boy Scout Foundation of Greater New York and the purchase of T.M.R.
4.  FDR's support of Scouting nationwide as President of the United States.

Our very own Cedric Bodley, GNYC Asst. Director of Camping, was interviewed by "History Detective" Gwen Wright in the Alpine Scout Camp Administration Building Scoutmaster Lounge.  Producer Jill Roussell and Asst. Producer Stacey Young made sure that everything ran smoothly.  Museum archivist David Malatzky was on hand to answer any historical questions.

The filming relied heavily on historial documents, photos and publications, all of which came from the Museum's archives. The Scoutmaster Lounge is filled with historical displays on T.M.R. and Alpine Scout Camp, all provided by the Museum.  These should be visible in the program.

The segment, called the "Society Circus Program,'' will air sometime this summer on PBS.

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