Ten Mile River Scout Museum Improvements - 2008

The Ten Mile River Scout Museum recently completed the biggest changes in its design and organization since the opening of the Museum Annex in 2002:

1. Acquired three new showcases and reused an existing showcase.  The four showcases now contain exhibits on:
2. Rearranged the showcases so that the full-vision metal & glass showcases are all in Room 1 and the oak showcases are all in Room 2.

3. Moved the Office from Room 2 into the Extension.

4. Created a Library in the old Office room.

5. Moved the board room table to the center of Room 2.  The table is now being used for temporary displays.

6. Created a 50 ft. "velcro wall" in Room 2.

Here are some 2008 Museum photos:


We also expanded outdoor activities in the Museum's picnic area.  Asst. Curator Jake Pontillo tripled the size of his very popular knot/lashing/splicing demonstration area from last summer and even added a monkey bridge.

The feature exhibit this summer is on T.M.R. Aerial Photography from 1959-2006.  It is called "Changing T.M.R." and shows how 16 T.M.R. camps changed over the years through an exhibit of detailed aerial photographs.  Individual buildings and structures are visible and indentified.

Last Updated: July 26,  2008
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